4:08pm 06-23-2023

how did you find me?

latest updated pages

what's your neocities?
i liked the first page of ur webcomic!!!! can't wait to see what comes of it!
6:35pm 05-31-2023

how did you find me?

melonland fing

what's your neocities?
HEY MANZ MY NAMe is also quinn11! ur site is sick can we be friends/!??! i linked ur button!1 (dont try my e-mail plz its defunct ;- goodbai have a BeayTiful Day
5:15pm 05-12-2023

how did you find me?

melon surfin'
We're all coolcats...
Replied on: 9:48am 05-15-2023

(starting a chant) coool cats... coool cats... coool cats...

3:27am 05-10-2023

how did you find me?

webcomic webring
I don't know how to navigate your comic, so I couldn't read it. There's no forwards or back button, or page number indicator, so, how do I read it? I really like the first page, not even lying, it's just a nice looking drawing. Okay bye!
Replied on: 7:07pm 05-10-2023

thank you haha, right now the first page is all there is. more to come soon though!

9:37am 05-05-2023

how did you find me?

neocities 'activity' page

what's your neocities?
Very cool website, and love your art style :O very amazing epic
Replied on: 7:43pm 05-06-2023

thank u! :^]

3:19am 04-12-2023

how did you find me?

Guestbook comment!

what's your neocities?
I found ya from my guestbook, and I'm glad because I think this website looks great and has a calm pleasing feel! I wish ya the best with your artistic endeavors
Replied on: 9:06pm 04-12-2023

tysm!!! :^]

4:57pm 03-31-2023

how did you find me?

followed me :O

what's your neocities?
cool site
Replied on: 9:11pm 04-12-2023

no u :-p

7:17pm 10-05-2022

how did you find me?

Followed me

what's your neocities?
Really cool site. Awesome
12:47pm 09-30-2022

how did you find me?

randomly clicking around, i s'pose

what's your neocities?
I like the vintage feel of this site! Your comics are also very neat.
Replied on: 10:43pm 10-12-2022

thank u!!!

10:21pm 09-12-2022

how did you find me?


what's your neocities?

Replied on: 10:22pm 09-12-2022

corinnie hello <3

5:08pm 08-31-2022

how did you find me?

twidder dot com

what's your neocities?
duuuude ur neocities is so awesomesauce dog!!!!
Replied on: 7:55pm 08-31-2022


8:57pm 08-30-2022

how did you find me?

Yesterweb Ring

what's your neocities?
I am in love with your site! I love the theme!
Replied on: 1:38pm 08-31-2022

thank you so much!!! it's so crazy to hear that from you omg your site layout is INCREDIBLE

11:28pm 08-19-2022

how did you find me?

You following me

what's your neocities?
Interesting art, guess I'll return the favor.
10:09pm 07-24-2022

how did you find me?

through the activity page of

what's your neocities?
signing to approve this website of its brief feature of sam & max, via blog. godspeed
Replied on: 9:54pm 07-26-2022

the excellency of your taste is acknowledged. your art is top tier

6:36pm 07-13-2022

how did you find me?

through the WarpZone guestbook!

what's your neocities?

wish i had the time :[

straight up

I love EVERYTHING about this :]
Replied on: 9:52pm 07-26-2022


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